Connecting Talented People
With Great Companies
Since 2006

Dublin Consulting was started with one goal in mind and that is to be the best at what we do.

To achieve this we always go the extra mile in finding the best people for our clients. We’re able to see beyond the surface to create matches that result in successful careers for our candidates and valuable talent for our clients.

Our network is global and our clients consist of start-ups to multinationals.

What makes us different

A single point of contact will work closely with you from the beginning to completion of the recruitment cycle.

We take a hands-on proactive approach to every aspect of the recruitment process and recognise that every client and every position we recruit will be unique in its own way. Therefore we do not subscribe to using automated systems or algorithms to mix and match candidates to jobs.

Our clients use our service because we develop and execute creative recruiting strategies which always result in finding the best staff available.

We thoroughly screen every candidate we submit and by doing this we ensure our clients are not wasting valuable time meeting with unsuitable candidates.

You can rest assured that we will find you the best candidate in the shortest timeframe possible.

Confident young woman pointing her advantages during the recruitment interview

Sales Recruiting

For many hiring managers sales recruitment can often prove to be one of the most time consuming and stressful aspects of their role. Having specialised in sales recruitment for the last 15 years we have seen first hand how transformative the impact of hiring the right sales people can be.

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Technology Recruiting

The first person recruited for a client by Dublin Consulting was in IT so this is where the journey began. We have seen many technologies come and go but there will always be one constant, it’s all about the people.


Life Science Recruiting

Now more than ever the life sciences industry has been in the spotlight and while many industries have slowed their growth, this industry has continued hiring the talented staff it requires for the important work it undertakes.

Hands of engineer working at desk with graphic tablet and color palette and drawing blueprint of house, view from above

Engineering Recruiting

We continue to enjoy sourcing engineering staff for clients on projects across Australia, Europe, Asia & USA. We love the challenge each new project provides us whether it be in Construction, Biomedical, Telecommunications or Manufacturing.

renewable energy

Renewable Energy Recruiting

This is the future for us. Be it Solar, Storage, Offshore or Onshore Wind or Hydroelectric, we are committed to working with businesses to find and attract the most talented and capable people.

Recent News

Recruitment plays a pivotal role in the success of any organisation, and this is especially true for tech startups operating in a dynamic and competitive environment. The right talent can determine the trajectory of a startup’s growth and innovation. Consequently, choosing the best-suited recruitment company......

Happy Clients

It was a pleasure speaking with Brendan at Dublin Consulting. Brendan provides highly professional service and value.Brendan is keen to listen and understand your individual situation and utilises his experience and expertise to provide insight in your next steps.I highly recommend his service
Tom Cheng
Tom C.
15:58 24 May 21
Guillermo Aszyn
Guillermo A.
09:32 20 Apr 21
Eugene Robb
Eugene R.
10:21 09 Apr 21
Very efficient and organised. Thanks to Brendan my experience was smooth and the outcome was what I’d hoped for and more. Highly recommend.
Daniel Preston
Daniel P.
03:00 13 Feb 21
Dublin consulting are a well organised and knowledgeable recruitment consultancy we used for hiring a couple of IT consultants. Proactive and they helped us to get some good candidates to interview which felt like a needle in a haystack through the free job posting sites our company had been using. Reasonable payment terms as well. Would use them again.
Michael Burns
Michael B.
02:53 13 Feb 21
When I used Dublin Consulting I was very impressed with Brendan’s professionalism and responsiveness. His attention to detail and knowledge of the industry made my job a whole lot easier, great job.
Phil G
Phil G
02:38 14 Dec 20
I've had the pleasure to work with Brendan at Dublin Consulting.Brendan is professional, responsive and cares. He provided great insight into the role and company culture. Brendan took the time to have a thoughtful discussion to get to know me and what I needed from my next career. Brendan truly cares about the company he represents and the clients he works with to find the right fit for both parties.I highly recommend his service.
Craig Clark
Craig C.
21:32 30 Nov 20
I've had the pleasure to work with Brendan at Dublin Consulting on many recruitment campaigns since 2016 and also referred many contacts within my network for their career progression. For me Brendan is giving of his time, has a particular skill at understanding the brief and sourcing the highest quality candidates. Communication is always highly responsive with all parties throughout recruitment. In my experience Brendan is terrific to work with and I highly recommend his service.
Bryan Jones
Bryan J.
18:48 25 Nov 20
Great bloke, very responsive and professional. Look forward to working with him again
Blake Swadling
Blake S.
07:55 25 Nov 20
Looking for new job can be often stressful, so I was really happy and impressed with Brendan (Dublin Consulting) who did correctly match my skill-set with a client company and promptly organized a job interview.I am certainly going to work with Dublin Consulting in future.
Martin Bohun Hormann
Martin Bohun H.
08:16 24 Nov 20
Brendan is very focused and professional, he honestly cares about his clients and makes sure that they are matched with the right employer. Following up with his clients development to make sure they are happy where they are, shows he's passion for people. Brendan helped me get my dream job which I really love and developing everyday. From the first conversation throughout all hiring processes, Brendan really advocated for me and make sure I was looked after. I will not hesitate to recommend or work with him again in the future.
Kevin Mustong
Kevin M.
19:53 09 Nov 20
Brendan has an exceptional ability to understand and communicate our company culture to candidates. Brendan has been one of our trusted recruitment partners for the past number of years, always delivering a seamless client and candidate experience.
Alison Walsh
Alison W.
12:45 09 Nov 20
Brendan consistently delivers in depth industry knowledge as well as a great understanding of role requirements. In my experience, the service delivered by Dublin Consulting is thorough and professional.
Katie Rowland
Katie R.
10:54 06 Nov 20
Dave Kyle
Dave K.
21:24 04 Nov 20
don sarin
don S.
16:35 29 Oct 20
I was lucky enough to come across Dublin Consulting when looking for a Partner Manager role. Brendan is supportive, professional and offers great insight into the role and company. Taking me from first hearing about the role, through each interview stage, negotiating contracts and even the first few months in role. I love working in my company and can’t thank Brendan enough for giving me this opportunity.
Laura McKinlay
Laura M.
20:39 27 Oct 20
Thorough and concise folks with an understanding of your requirements.
Jose Vega
Jose V.
14:47 24 Oct 20
Worked with Dublin Consulting numerous times and have nothing but the best to say about this organization. Brandon Sweeney is a class act and will do everything it takes to make his clients happy.
Daniel Lourie
Daniel L.
13:47 23 Oct 20
I've been working closely with Brendan and he understands the importance of taking care of his clients and treats me as if I were the only client he has every time. I appreciate that personal touch. It has been exceptional working with Brendan over at Dublin Consulting!
David Schlom
David S.
14:33 20 Oct 20
Brendan was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very straightforward and understood his client in great detail. He specifically matched me to a company before contacting me, and kept me informed on every step of the process until I was eventually hired into an amazing role at that company. Calls were never rushed, and his professionalism and affability are qualities that made the hiring process enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend to anybody who is looking to seek placement without having their time wasted.
Colm Warner
Colm W.
10:58 08 Oct 20
Brendan made sure I was informed and prepared for each of my interviews as well as keeping me in the loop throughout the whole process, I highly recommend his services.
Stephen Kane
Stephen K.
21:52 05 Oct 20
Had a really positive experience with this company. Very professional and accommodating, kept me up to date with how my application for a role was progressing, provided advice and support throughout. In the end I secured a position I really wanted and I couldn't be happier with the result.
Tom Baker
Tom B.
13:56 05 Oct 20