AE – The Account Executive

an account executive

AE – The Account Executive

In almost every company, sales jobs play a critical role in driving revenue growth, building customer relationships, and ensuring the company’s products and services reach their intended audience. Sales professionals need to possess a unique combination of technical or product & service expertise, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. In the coming weeks we will take a look at the various roles that combine to make a well structured sales team.

Account Executive ( AE )

Account Executives are responsible for closing deals with clients. They work closely with the SDRs to follow up on qualified leads and identify potential opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. AEs are usually more experienced than SDRs and have a proven track record of success in sales.

AEs are responsible for managing the sales process from start to finish, including negotiating contracts and agreements with clients. They must be able to build strong relationships with clients and have a deep understanding of the company’s products and services. AEs are also responsible for meeting sales quotas and targets.

The AE is a mid-level sales position and it tends to be the role Sales Development Representitives are promoted in to.  But as with many sales roles, job titles can mean different things in different companies. With that in mind it is important for candidates to fully understand the responsibilities attached to the AE role they are applying for. Account Executive responsibilities will often include:


  • Manage the sales pipeline and close deals
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers
  • Conduct product demos and presentations
  • Negotiate pricing and contract terms


  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to understand customer needs and pain points
  • Familiarity with sales automation tools
  • Ability to manage multiple deals and priorities


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