Assessing the Achievability of Sales Targets

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Assessing the Achievability of Sales Targets

Setting realistic sales targets is crucial for the success of any sales organisation. Account executives play a vital role in assessing the achievability of these targets to ensure optimal performance and growth. Here we delve into the process of evaluating sales targets and explore how sales executives can determine if their targets are achievable. By the end you should have a series of key questions that can be asked during the interview process to assess the realism of revenue targets.

Factors Influencing the Achievability of Sales Targets:

Several crucial factors contribute to the achievability of sales targets. Sales executives must thoroughly analyse each of these factors to ensure that targets are realistic and attainable. The following are key considerations during this evaluation process:


Market Analysis:

Sales executives need to assess the target market’s size, growth potential, and competition. Understanding market dynamics, customer preferences, and purchasing power helps determine whether sales targets are feasible. Questions that can be asked during interviews to assess market analysis might include:

Can you provide insights into the competitive landscape?

How will you adapt your sales strategies based on market trends?


Historical Performance:

Analyzing past sales performance allows sales executives to identify patterns and trends, making it easier to set realistic targets. Examining historical data provides valuable insights into sales cycles, seasonality, and growth rates. Interview questions related to historical performance could include:

Have other sales staff met or exceeded sales targets?

What strategies did you implement to address any shortfalls in meeting targets?


Resources and Infrastructure:

Sales targets must align with available resources, including the sales team, budget, technology, and support systems. Evaluating the adequacy of resources is vital to ensure the attainability of targets. Relevant questions to ask during interviews regarding resources and infrastructure could be:

How do you plan to allocate resources to achieve the assigned sales targets?

What technology and tools do you use to support your sales teams efforts?


Sales Team Capability:

The skills, experience, and motivation of the sales team significantly impact target achievability. Sales executives should assess the team’s competencies and identify any skill gaps that may hinder target attainment. Questions aimed at assessing the sales team’s capability might include:

Do you have plans to develop and enhance the skills of your sales team?

Can you describe a situation where you successfully coached a team member to exceed their targets?

What strategies do you have in place to keep the sales team motivated and engaged?


Sales Pipeline Analysis:

Evaluating the sales pipeline is crucial to determine if sufficient opportunities exist to meet the revenue target. A healthy pipeline with a balanced mix of prospects at various stages enhances target achievability. Interview questions to assess pipeline analysis could include:

How do you monitor and manage your sales pipeline effectively?

Can you discuss your approach to lead generation and conversion?

How would you ensure a consistent flow of sales leads to help meet the revenue target?


Determining whether a sales target is attainable requires a systematic assessment of various factors that influence sales performance. By considering market analysis, historical data, product/service demand, team capabilities, and sales strategies, sales executives can make informed decisions when choosing their next role.


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