BDM – The Business Development Manager

BDM – The Business Development Manager

It is fair to say that without a well balanced sales team businesses would struggle to achieve revenue growth, build customer relationships, and ensure the company’s products and services reach their intended audience. Sales professionals need to possess a unique combination of technical or product & service expertise, communication skills, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. In the coming weeks we will take a look at the various roles that combine to make a well structured sales team.


BDM – Business Development Manager


The role of a Business Development Manager  in sales is critical to the success of a business. The BDM is responsible for identifying, pursuing, and developing new business opportunities to increase revenue and market share. This is a 360 sales role. In other words they have to possess the ability to identify and pursue new business opportunities, negotiate deals, and close sales. This combination of skills makes a top performing Business Development Manager a huge asset to any organisation.

Creative and strategic thinking is a must have as is having the ability to develop long-term plans to grow and expand the business.  This, as well as working on more short term opportunities can often be the hall mark of of a great Business Development Manager .

A deep understanding of the market & competition, and being able to identify new trends and opportunities is absolutely necessary .This involves researching and identifying potential markets and customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and developing strategies to meet those needs.



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