Hiring in a candidate driven market.

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Hiring in a candidate driven market.

Despite everything that has happened over the last 12 months, the global IT market is currently in great shape. It’s doing so well in fact that there continues to be a skill shortage. 

While this is positive news in many ways, it does mean there is a shortage of qualified candidates for organisations hoping to grow their teams. The global talent pool is the shallowest it has been for a long time, requiring hiring companies to compete over a limited number of qualified candidates.


Streamline the process

When the job market favors the candidate, there is no room for anything other than a smart hiring approach. 

Every candidate has encountered an application that appears to go on forever. It has never been more important to create job applications that are simple and quick to complete. Application questions are helpful for learning about a candidate’s background and motivation for applying but should be used sparingly. 

Provide insight into the company culture

Your brand will attract like-minded candidates.

The more insight into your company and culture you provide, the more success you will have attracting the right candidates. These are key elements to include in all job advertising.

Your outreach messages

Hiring in a candidate’s market requires a proactive approach. Your recruiting team or recruitment partner needs to be proactively contacting  passive candidates. 

Generic outreach messages tend to be overlooked by sought-after candidates who are frequently contacted. Whoever is contacting the candidates on your behalf needs to know what they are doing. Sending a job description to everyone who is remotely qualified is not the way to attract sought-after candidates. . 

Keeping momentum in the hiring process. 

Making quick decisions and keeping candidates updated as things progress is one of the most effective things you can do to maintain the interest of sought after candidates  . This can be as simple as sending an email on a Friday, letting them know you’ll be in touch the following week. 

Keeping your opportunity top of mind with candidates maintains their interest. If you fall out of touch for even a couple of days, it opens the door for them to focus their attention on other opportunities.  

Be proactive

Simply posting a job advertisement and responding to passive candidates isn’t enough. You need to think outside of the box if you want to attract the best candidates. Reconnecting with past candidates can often reap huge rewards. In this day and age people are constantly upskilling and gaining new experiences. Someone who didn’t make it to the offer stage in the past may be a great fit 12 months down the line.