Confident young woman pointing her advantages during the recruitment interview

Sales Recruiting

For many hiring managers sales recruitment can often prove to be one of the most time consuming and stressful aspects of their role. Having specialised in sales recruitment for the last 15 years we have seen first hand how transformative the impact of hiring the right sales people can be.

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Technology Recruiting

The first person recruited for a client by Dublin Consulting was in IT so this is where the journey began. We have seen many technologies come and go but there will always be one constant, it’s all about the people.

Businessman discussing business contract with his colleague at meeting

Life Science Recruiting

Now more than ever the life sciences industry has been in the spotlight and while many industries have slowed their growth, this industry has continued hiring the talented staff it requires for the important work it undertakes.

Hands of engineer working at desk with graphic tablet and color palette and drawing blueprint of house, view from above

Engineering Recruiting

We continue to enjoy sourcing engineering staff for clients on projects across Australia, Europe, Asia & USA. We love the challenge each new project provides us whether it be in Construction, Biomedical, Telecommunications or Manufacturing.

Concept of renewable energy with light bulb

Renewable Energy Recruiting

This is the future for us. Be it Solar, Storage, Offshore or Onshore Wind or Hydroelectric, we are committed to working with businesses to find and attract the most talented and capable people.