Tips for working from home

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Tips for working from home

I’ve been working from home for 15 years and during that time I’ve tweaked many aspects of my daily routine to make it work for me. Here are some ideas  I hope will help you organise your home work space and work from home habits. 

If possible and particularly if this is going to be a long term endeavor, have a dedicated work area. 

Don’t go from the shower and getting dressed to starting work. Potter around, go for a walk, anything but sit down at a computer for a couple of hours. Loosen up or you’re on the fast track to lower back problems. 

Try to have a regular morning routine. Make breakfast, walk, cycle, pop out for coffee . A little interaction with other people goes a long way. 

Regular water breaks to get you away from the screen. 

Set your screen at the correct height.

If sitting for long periods, use an ergonomic office chair.  

Good lighting can easily be overlooked

I have come to appreciate an office plant.

Hang some pictures, prints or posters. 

Eat a proper lunch at a regular time. 

Try eating away from your work space. 

Get some fresh air after lunch. 

And most important of all, schedule something for when you plan on finishing work, that way you will finish when you’re supposed to.