Ways to build strong working relationships with newly hired remote working staff.

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Ways to build strong working relationships with newly hired remote working staff.

Since Covid hit last year I have worked on more remote based roles than I had in the previous 5 years. And it would appear this is a trend that is going to continue as there are some obvious benefits. Some companies have really thought this through and to you I tip my hat but others I can see now haven’t thought this through at all. 


I think a candidate’s first impressions of it’s new employer are so important and these are formed from the day they sign the employment contract. One concern I hear from new employees is that they have had no contact from the employer in the weeks between signing a contract and starting their new role. This along with many other things becomes amplified when they work remotely and / or haven’t had the opportunity to meet you and your team in person.  


It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and think back to what it is like being a new employee.  Some people take this in their stride but for many it can be quite stressful moving from one company to another. The more information you can provide new employees the better their experience will be. Also checking in with them prior to the start date to let them know you’re looking forward to them joining will go a long way in quenching any anxiety they may be experiencing prior to starting. 


To onboard a new remote hire can take more time. Let them know you are available anytime they want to catch up and that in those early days you will be checking in a lot more frequently than would normally be the case. 


Creating a set time once a week where the entire team can catch up for a coffee break over zoom will work wonders. And not strictly to discuss work, it might just be a casual chat about what you’re watching on tv, the music or podcasts you’re listening to, that type of thing. Consistent regular contact will let everyone become familiar with one another’s style and personalities and help forge a stronger working relationship. 


As someone who’s been working for most of their career I can tell you it’s the little things that help cultivate strong working relationships. Recognition that you are doing a good job, sharing insights and ideas…it can be so many things but it all comes back to thoughtful communication and that will ultimately result in more positive outcomes for everyone involved.