Why choose a startup over an established company?

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Why choose a startup over an established company?

I make no secret of my passion for recruiting for startups. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy recruiting for multinationals, but hands down the most job satisfaction I get comes from recruiting for startups. 

But it’s not always easy. Most startups can’t compete with the salaries on offer at larger, more established companies. And then there’s the belief that there is little or no job security at a startup. 


So why choose a startup over an established company? 


You will have the opportunity to work with forward thinking innovative people who are willing to in a lot of cases risk it all to pursue something they truly believe in.

The lack of bureaucracy and the ability to achieve more in short time frames. 

More often than not your role will be a lot broader in scope at a startup. The boundaries can be blurred and this can open up opportunities to work across areas of the business you wouldn’t normally get to experience.  

The opportunity to influence a company’s fortunes. If you perform at a high level in a startup you will have a visible impact on the business. 

You will get to test the limits of your capabilities. Tasks that seem overwhelming at first once conquered will empower you to tackle greater challenges. 

Working efficiently and knowing what to prioritize is a skill you will learn and develop. 

Some startups will offer employees stock ownership in the business. 

You will get to work with people from all levels of the business. This just doesn’t happen at bigger companies where most people are cut off from the decision makers. 


Is there a “right” time to join a startup ?

I believe the optimal time to join a startup is the early stages of your career. There are many reasons for this but first and foremost it is the experience and responsibility you gain working at a startup that will shape your career long into the future.